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WB’s kitchen + catering is relationship-focused and nothing brings people together like events. We are committed to helping you create extraordinary events and culinary experiences customized to fit your personality and preferences.

Imagine having a celebrity chef preparing the menu and serving awe-inspiring cuisine in your kitchen or venue. Let the WB catering team take your event, whether small or large, family or friend, business, or birthday, to the next level. Guests will be entertained and learn first-hand from “Chopped” Champion Wade Burch exactly what it takes to prepare and serve an inspired menu.


Chef Wade brings over 35 years of experience to your event. His wealth of experience in hotels, private dining, and fine dining restaurants allows him to approach your events with a keen eye for detail and an appreciation for service.


The WB’s team doesn’t consider your event a one-time experience but the beginning of a long-term relationship.

*Pickup options are also available.


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